Our Services


Valuation & Property Services

PaddingtonMoore provides a comprehensive range of valuation and property related services. At PaddingtonMoore we will ensure you receive the appropriate independent advice and service you require.
Our services include
    • Acquisition and disposal advice
    • Compulsory Acquisition valuations
    • Portfolio Assessments for financial reporting
    • Rental determinations and reviews
    • Asset Realisation for Financial Institutions
    • Low and medium density residential development projects
    • Valuation of all types of retail and commercial properties
    • Valuation of industrial factories and complexes
    • Family Law Valuations
    • Expert Witness Reports
    • Unit Entitlement Calculations and Assessments
    • All types of residential valuations including waterfront dwellings, suburban homes and residential units
    • Feasibility and cash flow analysis studies for proposed developments
    • Investment analysis including calculations of net present values and internal rates of return
    • Valuation of Easements
    • Land Tax Objections
    • Insurance Replacement Cost Assessments
    • Probate and Estate Valuations
    • Valuations of Taxation including calculation of GST, Capital Gains and Stamp Duty Assessment

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